Reform Energy Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Drilling Associates, is an international corporation led by a team of owners who are very experienced field hands in the Underbalanced Drilling, Managed Pressure Drilling and Production Testing/Flowback business. Our three partners came together while working for other major production testing, managed pressure and underbalanced drilling contractors, and even at that time were very entrepreneurial, building the profitability of for their employers, and seeing the enormous potential of UBD, MPD and PT/FB services. Observing key areas for improvement, but without the authority to change things, the three partners left their former employers, eventually realizing that their goals and values could be better realized independently.

At Reform, we are experienced enough to know the weaknesses of our industry, and believe that customers deserve better. We are dedicated to raising the industry benchmark for quality, competency, and safety. That’s why we called our business “Reform.”


"Our team at Reform Energy Services is dedicated to exceed the customers' expectations, and raise the industry benchmark for Quality, Competence, and Safety."


At Reform Energy Services, the experience and the problem solving ability of our staff are critical. The company recognizes that its primary assets are its people. Reform's growth is dependent on continuing to attract high quality individuals who share our vision and drive.

Even though Reform Energy Services is organized like many other oilfield service companies with three levels of structure; management, supervisors, and workers, our motto is: Together Everyone Achieves More.



Brent Tiedemann

Brent Tiedemann has extensive Energy Industry experience and vast knowledge of the Oil and Gas Service Sector.  With a proven track record of excellence in field and office operations and executive management spanning over 30 years, Brent fully understands the specific needs of our clients. His “hands on” approach greatly benefits both our client companies as well as our organization, as he has held a variety of roles over the course of his career including on-site work in the field as a well testing and under balanced drilling supervisor, senior supervisor, and project manager before moving into management and executive management roles with Reform Energy Services. Brent’s’ experience, domestically and internationally, brings a wealth of knowledge in many areas, specifically “best practices” in all matters operational and financial and ensures that RES adheres to the highest levels of integrity in both our field and corporate policies and procedures.