"We build our equipment to work and to keep working. Because we invest more in our equipment, our units save time and money, and are the safest systems to operate."

Pressure Tanks


Our 4-Phase separators are highly mobile to facilitate quicker “rig-in” and “rig-out” time.


Rated from 275 to 1440 psi, and equipped with a trailer mounted Flomax choke manifold, liquid metering, gas turbine, flow line, production/liquid line, and gas line, Reform Energy Service's units are one of the safest, efficient, and well-designed systems on the market.


We guarantee that all our innovative features will not only improve the safety, but also reduce the overall cost of your operations.

Pump Houses


Our unique design allows the Pump House and the Pressure Tank to engage together minimizing the necessary surface to "rig in".


This compact and fully equipped unit has a 4'' plug valve drill manifold, geological sample catchers, a progressive cavity auger pump, a centrifugal sparge pump, centrifugal transfer pumps, electric Ruffneck heaters, and a tool room.


Also they are mounted in a Tridem stepdeck trailer which highly mobile. This​ translates to less costs and operation time.   

Tool Houses


Our trailer mounted Tool House building is equipped with a 100 KW John Deere generator, allowing us to self-supply electricity and therefore save logistical and supply costs.

A workbench, storage cupboards, and all kinds of electrical requirements are also found on this skid. The pipe skid portion of this unit holds all required pipe and fittings. 

The above features make this unit a perfect complement to all types of operations

Flare Stacks


Reform Energy Service’s flare stacks are zero ground disturbance and eliminate the need for anchors.


The use of a Tornado pilot system will ensure that all hydrocarbons and poisonous gases are combusted, and will reduce the consumption of propane, saving operating costs.


Depending on the expected flow rates and customer needs, Reform Energy can supply 60' to 120' flare stacks.


Line Heaters

Reform Energy Service's skid mounted line heaters are a mobile and a practical solution in low temperatures, and/or when gasification and separation of fluids needs to be improved.

As pressures, flow rates, temperatures and customer needs vary from job to job, Reform Energy Services has a wide range of line heaters available.

3" 1502 Manifold & Flow Line

Our 3" 1502 choke manifold and flow line enables us to control the well while allowing different choke sizes to be flowed through over a short period of time without having to shut in the well flow to change the choke size. The choke boxes can accept either fixed or adjustable chokes.

MPD Semi-Automated Choke Manifold

Reform Energy Service's MPD manifold has been designed to automatically maintain the annulus surface back pressure during drilling operations to maintain the downhole drilling window.


It uses two drilling chokes which are controlled by a PLC control system to maintain the selected set point pressure using an HMI interface panel for operator input of required settings and for displaying control system output parameters. If required the manifold can also be used in manual mode.

Oil Burner


Reform Energy Service’s burner is designed for maximum clean burn capability with minimal fall-out. The oil path through the burner is via a 2" mixing chamber that also allows the passage of solids without causing blockages and subsequent performance problems.


The propellant (air) enters the mixing chamber through a series of ports drilled tangentially across the inner mandrel, thus creating both linear and rotational shearing effects that help improve atomization immediately upon exit of the chamber. This produces a more effective flame pattern, which aids the combustion of the crude oil and reduces background radiated heat.

Storage Tanks


When drilling in a closed loop sour environment, our closed top cascading 400 bbl storage tanks will enhance the separation and subsequent removal of any poisonous gas from the system. Additionally, they will act as a retention vessel generating a cleaner and solid free drilling fluid.


Each of these skid mounted rectangle dual compartment 200 bbl liquid storage tanks and the associated equipment will be permanently mounting within a certified 40’ shipping container.


The following RFCD is one of the industries newest passive rotating control heads, designed in accordance with API Specification RCD-16. This RFCD has several unique Patent Pending design components intended to make this product one of the safest and most efficient available.


The DM-4500 RFCD system has been designed to be completely serviceable and maintainable in the field. All the equipment is housed within the provided work shop that is also an ISO Certified shipping container.

Office Trailers

The office trailers are used as a command center on the lease for use of all data collection. Among other things, the shacks include.
  • 3- Class A, B, C Fire Extinguishers
  • 2- SCBA Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • First Aid Kits
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Testing & UBD
  • Confined Space Entry Kit






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