Reform Energy Services is committed to conducting business operations is a safe and healthy manner. The objective of this commitment is to ensure all employees remain injury free, to prevent equipment ​and environmental damage, and to provide a foundation for efficient and effective processes.

To achieve this objective, the company will ensure that the Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality program is integrated with all other management systems. This integration requires that each individual's responsibilities are clearly identified and that everyone within the organization is accountable to fulfill their obligations.

HSEQ Objectives and Goals

Each year, safety and operations management will develop and communicate annual HSE objectives and goals.The objectives and goals will provide the structure for the year's HSE focal activities and programs. They will be developed with consideration to:


     • Compliance with changes in legislation.
     • Opportunities for improvement identified in audits.
     • Deficiencies identified in hazard reports and investigations.
     • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Safety Management System.
     • Suggestions from field personnel.

Competency Assurance

The definition of competency is when training and knowledge are combined with good understanding and skill to perform a task both efficiently and safely.


It is our Reform team’s prime objective to demonstrate through assessing each team members’ competence as their job function describes.


Competency assurance helps us to identify personal development and training needs to further enhance the strength of the individual as well as our entire Reform team. It is one of our core beliefs that through the competence of our people we continuously add value to our company and our customers.


“A competent person is a safe person.”

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Reform Energy Services training philosophy is to develop and retain highly qualified employees to operate, support, and manage existing and future resources.

Management will ensure that training requirements are directed in such a manner that our employees meet the company's program needs and the needs of our clients. This training will include:


     • Safety Orientations.

     • Job/Industry Specific Certification Training.
     • On-the-job Training (Competency Assessment).
     • Safe Operating Procedures.
     • Hazard Assessment Training.

     • Incident Investigation Training (for supervisors).

     • Refresher Safety Training.